Hey,this is Sweetcupcakes12!

About MeEdit

Name: Liz


Relationships status: Single

Joined What's Up on: 2/12/14

Hey,I'm sweetcupcakes12,you can call me Liz. I created this sweet place!!! :)

Rossome PostsEdit

The first ever post on What's up,what should I say? Oh yeah,Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey…stuff? XD #JustSayingThatForTheFunOfIt ~2/12/14

Tumblr ml464d8gOG1qm1x8bo1 250
I love this! :D 


Happy Valentine's day you crazy awesome people!


Well,Goodnight everyone!!! XD~2/14/14


Can't wait to sleep :P 

​ My buddies!Edit

Friend RequestsEdit

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